Book John Hargrove VS. Real John Hargrove


Some authors write books to memorialize important people or events. Some write books to tell fantastic tales of fiction. Whatever the case, authors need to sell books to make money.

To sell a book, you need something scintillating or scandalous. Whether it’s consistent with the truth is sometimes secondary.

Such as it is with John Hargrove’s book about SeaWorld. One of the more shocking allegations John Hargrove makes in Beneath the Surface is that SeaWorld maintains a food deprivation policy for the killer whales in its care.

Hargrove’s goal is to sell copies of his book. No one is going to buy the book if Hargrove writes the truth that whales are never deprived food because of their behavior.

Real John Hargrove knows this.

But Book John Hargrove needs something scintillating or scandalous.

So Book John Hargrove writes in Beneath the Surface:

The overpower reality, however, is that the whales of SeaWorld are completely dependent on human beings for food.” (BTS Pg. 76). “SeaWorld has said that its animals receive all of their food regardless of how they perform throughout the day. This is false”. He goes on to say about withholding food, “[t]he reality is it was still happening even as I resigned in August of 2012”. (BTS Pg. 76)

 “…..the whale’s food was withheld for behavioral reasons – that is, to make sure the whales perform to SeaWorld’s expectations”. (BTS Pg. 76). He claims SeaWorld does this out of vindictiveness – they reduce food by more than 2/3 to remind whales who provides sustenance at the marine park. (BTS Pg.77)

If true, that would be shocking, right? Book John Hargrove might have something worth selling here.

The problem is, Real John Hargrove had other things to say about this:

Hargrove - food deprivation

In responding to a question from @BlackfishFacts on February 10 and 11 of 2014, Real John Hargrove was crystal clear in refuting what Book John Hargrove would publish in his for-profit book.

But it doesn’t end there. It seems that Real John Hargrove is very interested in setting the record straight.

Prior to the tweet on February 11, 2014, Real John Hargrove replied back to @PoweredbyPoodle on Twitter in 2013 about the issue:

Hargrove - food deprivation 2

Book John Hargrove and Real John Hargrove sure do like to contradict each other. But Real John Hargrove isn’t available in paperback and for sale on Amazon. Book John Hargrove is willing to say anything as long as it sells books.