Hargrove’s Got No Time For Wild Whales

BTS - Wild Whale

John Hargrove wants you to buy his book – a book espousing the activist dogma against keeping whales in captivity, and that these whales must be released back into the wild.

And he’ll say anything to get you to buy it.

The problem with John Hargrove espousing the very life-and-death belief that killer whales should be released into the wild is revealed in a recent message on Twitter; Hargrove admitted that he had never seen a killer whale in the wild.

Hargrove on Twitter on April 17, 2014:

Hargrove - no wild whales

Selling books and making money appears to be more of a priority for him. He has more experience doing media appearances than observing whales in the wild.

And that’s a real problem. The issue of releasing captive whales into the wild is very controversial and one that would almost certainly result in the death of the killer whale from disease or starvation. Yet, Hargrove sings from the activist hymnal because he needs them to buy his book.

It’s clear he is obediently and repeatedly echoing the activist mantra that ‘captivity is bad’ for the whales without any actual insight.

Besides the professional timeline inaccuracy in that tweet, Hargrove offers a telling insight into his limited experience with the killer whale species. It’s strange and dangerous for someone who writes about the differences between whales in captivity and whales in the wild to have no scientific or even first-hand experience with wild whales.

Hargrove is right about one thing in his tweet – it is “sad”.

It’s “sad” that he has chosen to travel the country promoting his book rather than join the marine science industry in the remarkable conservation efforts with respect to killer whales in the wild.