Killer Whales, SeaWorld and the Truth About John Hargrove

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In his book Beneath The Surface and in his public statements, author and former SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove tries to have it both ways.

On one side, John Hargrove is espousing animal activist dogma. On the other side, John Hargrove is praising his experience in the marine park industry, praising SeaWorld and trying to help a celebrity buy killer whales.

The only thing that is clear, John Hargrove has a book to sell you.

The Real John Hargrove loves SeaWorld and his time as a trainer. From his interviews with a young intern who was looking to become a marine mammal trainer, to his engagement with people on social media about his love of killer whales, or touting off the sound care the animals receive at SeaWord – the Real John Hargrove espouses the benefit and joy of working with captive killer whales and his employer, SeaWorld.

Now Book John Hargrove needs you to buy his book and has joined with animal rights activists. He obediently repeats their message, seemingly for the sake of book sales.

Real John Hargrove contradicts Book John Hargrove at almost every turn.

This site is here to let you know the truth about the hypocrisy of a former killer whale trainer who has a book he really, really wants you to buy.

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