Only John Hargrove is Allowed to Have Fun

Hargrove Entertaining

Despite performing with killer whales for over a decade, John Hargrove now argues that captivity of whales for entertainment is wrong. He’s made this a central point in Beneath the Surface and in his recent public statements.

For example, he tweeted on December 13, 2014:

Hargrove - entertainment

But “do as I say, not as I do” is on full display in his book. The photos he includes in his book look pretty entertaining:

Hargrove surfing on whale

Hargrove BTS pic

And in addition to the photos Hargrove shared in Beneath the Surface, his background photo for his Twitter account is also entertaining.

Hargrove Entertaining

For someone who is emphatically against whales being used for entertainment, he could have changed his Twitter profile to something less entertaining and he could have included pictures in his book of wild killer whales. After all, this is where Book Hargrove and his fellow activists vehemently claim where all whales should be seen.

Southern Resident Orca

But Real Hargrove has said he has never seen a whale in the wild.

It leads one to wonder what the real motivation is here? Is it real conviction or is it to sell books?