Who Wants a Pony When Hargrove’s Got Killer Whales

Wanna Buy A Whale

You know the story. A spoiled brat demands a pony for their birthday. *eye-roll*

But, if you’re re in the market for your very own killer whale or two? Hargrove’s your man!

Just forget about all that “whales deserve to be free” and stuff. We’re talking about sucking up to a celebrity!

Former NFL player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson was looking to buy himself some killer whales and John Hargrove was right there offering his services.

Hargrove - OchCinco 1

Wait. Hang on there just one minute.

Most rich football players buy mansions or exotic cars. But killer whales?

It’s borderline insanity. We can hear the moral outrage coming from John Hargrove right now…wait, what?

There was no outrage or effort to tell Ochocinco that whales deserve to be free. Rather, John Hargrove was right there to help the insanity in what can only be described as MTV Cribs – Marine Mammal Edition.

Got get paid, right?

John Hargrove, moral killer whale patriot, who extols the evils of captivity in his book for sale, does not even once shame a professional football player who wants to buy two killer whales? Rather, he is as helpful as can be. Maybe he’s thinking of the money he could make? Wonder if it’s as much as selling a book?

It goes on. Chad Ochocinco Johnson’s next question in this exchange is – how much does a whale cost?

Don’t worry Chad, John Hargrove is there to help.

OchoCinco - Hargrove 2


Less than a year after Hargrove participated in the film Blackfish, trashed his former employer for allegedly mistreating whales, went on a nationwide publicity tour and is now selling a book espousing activist dogma about releasing whales, there he is shamefully offering to teach a professional athlete how to train captive whales.

The activist community must love this. Makes you wonder about the motivations behind the book.