Disturbing Video of John Hargrove On Horrifying Racist Rant

Hargrove Video Capture

A newly uncovered video shows Beneath The Surface author and Blackfish star John Hargrove on a racial slur-filled rant against African-Americans, in which he repeatedly uses the n-word – repeatedly.

The video shows an intoxicated Hargrove in a telephone conversation with a woman he calls Angie. Their conversation was about the woman’s encounter and altercation with a group of African-American men while she was experiencing car trouble.

John Hargrove is heard in the video saying:

“Did you think it was a bad idea to ask these ni**ers to help you?”

“What did the clerk do when he saw five ni**ers in the convenience store go ‘hey pretty little white girl’ (inaudible). He didn’t say anything?”

And repeating:

“What you ni**ers doing throwing them rocks?”

Hargrove seems to be emphatically and proudly using the racist epithets, resisting when friends try to end the conversation.

This shocking and deeply disturbing video casts doubt on the credibility for someone who has been in the spotlight for dubious claims he made against his SeaWorld in his new book. In the video he even lies to the woman he is talking to on the phone.

Check out the video here: ***Warning – Disturbing Language***

Hargrove has been under fire in recent media interviews for public statements he has made that directly contradict assertions he made in his recent book, Beneath the Surface. He was directly challenged on CNN for his assertion that SeaWorld uses food deprivation on their killer whales when he made a series of tweets that directly contradicts the claim.

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