Hargrove’s ‘Say Anything Tour’ Is Going Badly


Book John Hargrove’s publicity tour for Beneath The Surface is going poorly. From his curse-filled tirade on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to the video of him on a racist rant, it has not been a positive venture for his already questionable credibility.

Add talking out of both sides of his mouth to the list of things that have gone poorly.

Viewers of CNN’s New Day program got to witness, on live national television, Real John Hargrove fight Book John Hargrove.

Hargrove was on the show as part of his book tour. He insisted on repeating his sensational claims that SeaWorld withholds food from animals in its care. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota challenged Hargrove with this question:

“SeaWorld says that they don’t believe your story and they even say that you yourself contradicted the story that you now tell in your memoir by this tweet that was sent out about a year ago, February 11, 2014. Here is your tweet. You say, “Any trainer that held back food from a whale was a poor trainer and using techniques not taught to us in the SeaWorld system.” How do you explain that contradiction?”

Hargrove - food deprivation

Its a good thing Ms. Comerota was sitting down because the words coming out of Hargrove’s mouth could make anyone dizzy.

When directly confronted with his own words contradicting what he just said 15 seconds earlier and what he’s written in his book, Hargrove stumbled his way to the interviews finish line.


“Is it the SeaWorld policy to withhold food from animals? I would say no…”

Check out the video:

Another glaring example of Book John Hargrove proving he’ll say anything to sell copies of his book.

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