This website was created by the team at Awesome Ocean to shed the light of truth on the glaring inaccuracies put forth in John Hargrove’s new book, Beneath the Surface. 

Along with the movie Blackfish, this book is filled with unfounded claims and factual inaccuracies about SeaWorld and their killer whale care. It’s become a cottage industry to attack zoos and aquariums lately and the animal rights extremists behind these campaigns will say anything to get normal people to believe them. Some are motivated by their overzealous beliefs that all of these amazing facilities should be closed down and some are just motivated by money.

Whatever the case, we should not allow ourselves to be misled by these egregious attacks.

So, this website happily uses publicly available facts and statements about the author to contradict his own writings. Everything is sourced openly so that you know what the truth really is.

About Awesome Ocean

AwesomeOcean is a website dedicated to the ocean and all its inhabitants. From the largest of marine mammals to the most minuscule creatures that inhabit its deepest, most remote parts, we think we have only scratched the surface of what we know about the underwater world that covers more than 70 percent of the globe.

The website is also dedicated to the people and places that help build our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the Awesome Ocean. As kids, our visits to marine mammal parks inspired us to be better stewards of the world. We remember our first time witnessing a killer whale show, learning about a rescued manatee, or joining a beach clean-up to make a difference. So – spoiler alert – we are passionate about aquaria, zoos and parks.